Mozilla’s Firefox OS loses Telefonica to Cyanogen OS

FireFox_OS_TA (2)

We’ve all heard that Mozilla is done supporting Firefox OS as a smartphone platform, as short-lived as that dream was, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see some of Firefox OS’s early partners jumping ship to other options. Telefonica, one of the first to try and turn Firefox OS into a viable mobile operating system, is also one of the first to drop the platform in favor of the Android-based Cyanogen OS.

Since Mozilla isn’t distributing Firefox OS anymore, this shouldn’t surprise anyone. However, Telefonica blames the switch on Mozilla’s inability to provide a solid user experience for Firefox OS phones. Ouch.

Telefonica likely won’t be releasing an uber high-end Cyanogen OS phone globally anytime soon, but devices have already gone on sale in Spain and can be expected in Germany and the UK soon.

source: Firefox OS Central