Is Xiaomi planning to develop its own processors?


ETK China is reporting that Beijing-based Xiaomi could be planning to develop their own mobile processors.

ETK cites the fact that Huawei has begun developing their own mobile processors that have become powerful enough to compete with Apple and Samsung as the reason Xiaomi might be considering it.

However, it’s not a sure thing. The publication reports that an official at chipmaker MediaTek (MTK) said he doesn’t think it’s likely, citing that developing a processor is a lengthy and expensive process. It’s also difficult to turn a profit. Additionally, about 70 percent of smartphones use either Qualcomm or MTK chips, while only about 30 percent use independent processors.

In related news, Xiaomi recently agreed to a new deal with Qualcomm, where Xiaomi will pay the chipmaker for use of some of its patents.

Xiaomi has yet to officially comment on the matter, but we could hear more as we get closer to the launch of the company’s next flagship, the rumored Mi 5.

Source: ETK China