Twitter granted a patent for a drone, might be used for taking selfies


Just a couple weeks ago, Twitter was caught trying to trademark the word “subtweet,” and this week they’ve been granted a patent for a drone that can take videos and selfies and post them to a Twitter account. Both legal moves are definitely out of the ordinary for a social media company.

The company didn’t explicitly say anything about what they’re planning on using these drones for, but a spokesperson did simply say “drone selfies.” Considering how successful Twitter’s Periscope video streaming experiment has been, it makes sense that they might want to expand on that with drones in the near future. But until something is made official, which will certainly be a ways off, there’s no telling what Twitter has planned for this patent.

Personally, I’m only going to be happy if the drone is shaped like a little blue bird.

source: Patent

via: CNBC