Google Brings Cloud Printing to Android Devices

Google has had “cloud” printing services on the PC for Chrome users for just over a month, but now they are bringing cloud printing to your phone. That’s right, any document that you open in Google Docs or in your Gmail client on your Android phone — including .pdf and Word document attachments — will be able to be printed directly from your phone within the next few days, provided that you have set up your printer with the Google Cloud Print service.

It’ll be rolling out today and tomorrow, but at this time is available only to PC users. Those of you running Mac or Linux may see the option to configure printers for the Cloud Printing service soon, though. We’ll let you know when that becomes available, and in the meantime, hit the source link to set this up yourself.

[via Google Mobile Blog]

  • curse

    Great news! Dunno how many times I wished I could print out smth from the phone.