Unlocked Moto X (2014) receiving Marshmallow from Motorola


Owners of Motorola’s Moto X (2014) should be able to download Marshmallow right now, according to Motorola’s discussion forum.

Users began posting about the update Sunday and continued Monday in response to a question originally posted in October about when carrier-branded versions of the Moto X will receive the updates. Motorola’s website does not indicate any plans to bring the Marshmallow update to carrier-branded versions of the Moto X 2nd Generation in the United States.

Source: Motorola

  • Doug

    The thread has no definitive information whatsoever about the ability to download now.

  • I have the Moto X (2014) “Pure Edition” in the U.S. As soon as I saw this article on Sunday, I went to Settings->Device Info->Check for Updates and was greeted with the Marshmallow update. 800Mb and 30 minutes of installation later, and I’m on 6.0 (not 6.0.1). Working well. I like some of the UI tweaks. Still evaluating battery life but definitely notice that the phone runs cooler, especially when running screen intensive games.

    • Justin_Herrick


      Hopefully battery life holds up. Some on the Moto X Pure Edition of 2015 are experiencing a dip in battery life.