Google’s Titan and Wing projects join Google X


As Google continues to rearrange things within the larger Alphabet organization that was formed earlier this year, two of their drone projects have recently been merged into Astro Teller’s Google X division. The projects include Project Titan and Project Wing, both of which are described as “robotics” ventures, though both are focused on drone devices albeit for different purposes.

Project Titan came into existence after Google acquired Titan Aerospace a couple years ago. Titan Aerospace makes solar-powered high-altitude drones that could be used to provide high-speed Internet access. Project Titan has been developed in parallel to Google’s Project Loon. Whether Titan is an internal competitor or will be used to complement Project Loon is unclear, but both projects achieve the same end by different means.

Project Wing is Google’s attempt to create low-altitude drone devices that could be used for delivery purposes. Wing is basically Google’s answer to Amazon’s attempts to create a drone delivery service.

According to sources, Project Wing will become part of Project Titan and Project Titan will shift from being part of Google to being part of Google X. The merger of the two projects is based on the idea that both are part of Google’s foray into robotics and drones, efforts originally launched by Andy Rubin with the purchase of Boston Dynamics.

Both Project Wing and Project Titan have not fully morphed into something commercially viable for Google, which may be why they are shifting over to Google X. The skunkworks type lab is where Google tends to house their “moonshot” type projects until they are closer to maturity, like their Life Sciences company or the rumored self-driving car project that is supposedly poised to become its own Alphabet subsidiary.

source: SlashGear

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