‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ up for pre-order on Google Play


Millions of people worldwide are flooding movie theaters this weekend to see the latest installment of Star Wars. The newest film, The Force Awakens, returns the franchise to the big screen for the first time in ten years. If you don’t plan on seeing the film during its theatrical release or just want to secure your digital copy next year, Google Play is already accepting pre-orders.

While the standard definition copy is $14.99, Google is charging $19.99 for the nicer high definition copy. Once the film is released digitally, Google will automatically add it to your library.

The soundtrack for The Force Awakens, though, is currently available for $11.49 and includes more than twenty tracks. So before and after you see the film, enjoy the sounds of it over and over again.

[Google Play – Star Wars: The Force Awakens] [Google Play – Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)]