Sony working on battery that lasts 40% longer, report claims


Sony is currently working on a high-capacity battery that lasts 40% longer on a single charge, says a report from Japanese news group Nikkei.

According to information from Nikkei, Sony has managed to develop a battery containing a sulphur compound, which stores ‘more electricity than other models’. The technology is said to be scheduled for a 2020 release, with Sony hoping to make a huge impact in the battery market.

Nikkei’s report speaks on the impact of the rumoured battery, explaining:

“Sony’s [battery] could power the latest Apple iPhone, the 6s, for 14 hours while the device is connected to the Internet, calculations show. Batteries could also be made 30% more compact while maintaining current run times, letting manufacturers build smaller devices.”

Various attempts to develop sulphur-bearing batteries in the past have resulted in shrinking capacity, but it looks like Sony has managed to overcome the issue, in part by ‘reformulating its electrolyte solution’.

Nikkei adds that the tech company now aims to improve the safety of the product and come up with a plan concerning mass production.

Potentially, Sony’s recipe for an improved battery could also result in a smaller one, which is good news for folk that like their smartphones thin.

It will certainly be interesting to see how much difference Sony’s battery makes if the rumours are true. However, if estimates of a 2020 release are accurate, we’ve got quite a wait on our hands.

Source: Nikkei

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