Facebook’s Instant Articles arrive on Android


Android users can now access Facebook’s Instant Articles service, which offers thousands of fast-loading stories a day to millions of readers around the world.

Up until recently, Instant Articles were only accessible on iOS, but this latest change means the content, which is hosted on Facebook’s own servers, is available for everybody to take a look at.


Even though the social media giant is hosting the content itself, a cut of Facebook’s revenue will be offered to publishers. Publishers currently signed up to Facebook’s Instant Articles service include the New York Times, MTV, the Guardian, Al Jazeera and NBC News.

Speaking about the news, Product Manager Michael Reckhow said:

“More than 350 publications around the world have already joined the Instant Articles program to date, and more than 100 are already publishing daily — with more joining each day.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with our partners in each of these regions, and we will continue to advance the product based on their feedback.”

This latest move from Facebook is bound to please folk in developing countries, where internet speeds are lacking. Users have reported ‘virtually no delay’ between tapping on an Instant Article and having the post load up on their smartphone.

Around two months after Instant Articles arrived on the iPhone, Android owners can finally enjoy a browsing experience ’10 times faster’ than standard links on the mobile web.

Source: Facebook

About the Author: Tom Morgan

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