LG announces Cast-enabled Music Flow sound bars, X-Boom products, to be shown off at CES 2016


With the biggest electronics show of the year coming up quick, companies are already giving us a sneak peak as to what we’ll be seeing at CES 2016 in January. One of these companies is LG, who late yesterday announced a new line up of Music Flow sound bars that will be Google Cast-enabled. The company plans to fully unveil them during CES 2016 in January, where they will be demoed as well.

The new sound bars–the SH6, SH7, and SH8–will have Bluetooth connectivity, Google Cast support, and Auto Music Play, as well as a one-button setup to make connecting the sound bars to other Music Flow speakers via Wi-Fi a seamless process.

What sets these sound bars apart from the last generation is the new technology packed inside. This time around the SH6, SH7, and SH8 will have LG’s Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) technology, which automatically changes sound settings to match different types of media.


The SH7 and SH8 come with a wireless subwoofer, while the SH6 uses special all-in-one technology for pushing sound. These new Music Flow sound bars aren’t the only home theater speakers getting a refresh for 2016, though. LG also announced three new X-Boom products–the OM5560, OM7560, and OM9960. These are “total entertainment solutions,” according to LG and the OM5560 and OM7560 will actually be 100% self-contained units.

What will be particularly interesting is seeing how all of these new sound bars and “total entertainment solutions” will work with devices like the Chromecast Audio. We’ll no doubt hear more come January.

Press release below.


Latest Audio Products to Bring Premium Listening Experience and Flexible Connectivity to LG’s Audio Collections

SEOUL, Dec. 15, 2015 ― LG Electronics (LG) announced that it will unveil its most advanced sound bars and audio systems at CES 2016. Part of LG’s Music Flow smart audio ecosystem, the new sound bars greatly enhance the home theater viewing experience with their rich sound quality and responsive settings. LG will use the opportunity of CES to also introduce the company’s newest X-Boom audio systems which come complete with a range of exciting new features for any party or gathering.

LG’s new SH8, SH7 and SH6 sound bars provide consumers with a variety of options, making it easy to choose the audio system that is perfect for their needs. Each sound bar sports a sleek, slim design that blends in seamlessly with almost any interior decor. Ideal for home theaters, the advanced SH8 and SH7 come with wireless subwoofers that provide rich bass tones to compliment the speaker’s audio output. The SH6, on the other hand, is comprised of six independent speaker drive units and employ an innovative air duct structure that effectively highlights deep tones, allowing the SH6 to deliver powerful sound from its compact single-body speaker system.

The new 2016 LG sound bars boast a simple one button setup, making the home cinema system incredibly easy to install while access to basic sound bar functions directly on the TV remote makes operation as straightforward as possible. LG’s latest sound bars also support the company’s new Adaptive Sound Control (ASC) feature, allowing the devices to automatically change sound settings to suit a range of media types in order to get the most out of a wide variety of content. The Bluetooth, Google Cast™ and Auto Music Play capabilities of the sound bars boost connectivity potential by giving listeners a variety of content options. With support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, LG’s new sound bars allow users to automatically switch between different types of content and connectivity method that works best.

The fast, convenient connectivity of LG’s sound bars and Music Flow wireless speakers allow these powerful devices to play just about any content from a smartphone. The easy Bluetooth connectivity of LG’s P7 and P5 speakers provide a wireless environment for beautiful sound anywhere at anytime.

LG will also be unveiling three new X-Boom Systems at CES 2016 ― two LG X-Boom Solo models (OM7560 and OM5560) and the CM9960. X-Boom models serve as total entertainment solutions, providing both powerful sound and wireless connectivity. Both X-Boom Solo models boast entire audio systems housed in single speakers, giving them the ability to deliver intense audio output that is perfect for parties and other large gatherings. The X-Boom’s Sampler Creator feature gives users the ability to record any sound on their smartphones and wirelessly beam it to the X-Boom, which can then be added to the digital soundboard which DJs can select at the touch of a button. All three products feature the unique Party Thruster lever that allows users the ability to create stunning multicolored light shows that sync perfectly with the system’s audio output. The ornate display of flashing lights and high quality audio makes any party unforgettable.

“The Music Flow series has been a tremendous success in giving LG a significant footprint in the consumer audio business,” said Brian Kwon, President and CEO at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “Our newest Sound Bars and X-Boom audio systems present an excellent opportunity for LG to draw attention to its advanced audio products at the largest consumer electronics tradeshow in the world.”

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