Google Authenticator gets massive update with Wear support and a much-needed Material Design overhaul


Nearly every Google app has been updated with the company’s latest Material Design elements. However, up until this point, Google Authenticator has been one of those left out.

Google Authenticator increases users’ security by means of a security code that is prompted whenever registering a new device with one’s Google account. This way if your passcode¬†gets hacked, the hacker won’t be able to gain access to your Google account unless they have the device containing Google Authenticator. This adds an extra layer of security. Today, the app has received the much-needed Material Design overhaul, which will replace the old grey¬†style Holo theme. The update also brings compatibility for Wear devices. This allows users to enter the security code right on their wrist and even keep their smartwatch safe. For specific instructions, check out the step by step guide Google has provided down below.

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