Google Search updated with song recommendations, lyrics, covers, and more

google search

Google Search on mobile is receiving an update. Now, when you search for a particular musician, Google will display the normal information about them, but also any upcoming events in your area. Plus, song recommendations, lyrics, covers, and more will be displayed.

google now music recomendation

Also, it goes beyond just music artists. You can now search for any TV show or movie and get more detailed information about them. You will get a list of past or upcoming episodes when searching for TV shows, or get a list of the cast and show times near you when searching for movies. All of these features are out for Android tablets or phones today, and will be coming to iOS in the future.

Source: Google Inside Search

  • primalxconvoy

    Do most people use the official search app these days? I disabled mine ages ago and use a third party widget, as it offers customisable search engines and preferences on what to omit or include while searching. I found Goggle’s offering, like most of its apps, to be lacking and inflated with spam.

    • Brent

      That is kind of the point. To offer a general version to everyone, and those who want more can find other apps. I personally use it all the time. I find it a lot faster to find simple things.