Android 2.2 aka Froyo Coming to myTouch3G Soon

Raise your hand if your carrier doesn’t care what version of Android you have! Whoa, that’s a lot of hands, you guys must not have T-Mobile. If you click on the picture above, you can view the large, readable version. If that’s to much work for you, I’ll summarize it.

The statement is from Cole Brodman, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of T-Mobile and the meat and potatos of the article is this little blurb right here:

” Coming soon, we plan to update existing myTouch 3G phones — not just our new Slide — to the latest Android version, 2.2. It will mean that users of older devices can get the most up-to-date software.”

Now wouldn’t it be nice if all carriers were that supportive?

[via tomonews]

  • “No Phone’s Left Behind” – What about the G1? :)

  • MJ

    My hand is raised and I’m on T-Mobile…

    I hate that the G1 has been left in the dust when so many of their users are still locked into that 2 year agreement we early G1/Android adopters signed into.

    It’s one thing to explain that all of your phones except the G1 will be getting updates. It’s entirely different to say “No phones left behind” without even a mention of the G1…

  • “But that doesn’t mean forgetting about our existing products and the people who use them” … unless you have a G1, that is. Sad face.