Movies and TV may be next for YouTube Red


Today we received word on a new report that Google is attempting to obtain streaming rights from Hollywood Studios and a number of other production companies.

Word is that YouTube Red may add the functionality of watching movies and streaming live TV. Google is on a hunt to find startup TV series’ to be exclusive for Red subscribers. Google also wants to add shows that can live-stream their content on Red at the same time they would on TV. With this, Google’s aim is to attract some subscribers from popular services like Netflix and Hulu. With movies, TV, ad-free music, and background playing all in a single app for $9.99 month, it may be too hard to ignore. In addition, paid subscribers of Red will also get Google Play All Access for free since it’s a Google service, making a two for the price of one value. Let’s see if they can get the job done!

Source: WSJ