Star Wars Cardboard viewers are being given away to subscribers at select Verizon locations


Verizon is offering a limited amount of Star Wars Cardboard VR headsets free for subscribers.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, can’t wait for the new movie release and are a current subscriber of Verizon, you can head out to select Verizon stores and obtain a Cardboard reader free of charge. There are four variants available, Stormtrooper, R2-D2, BB8, and Kylo Ren. Each headset will have different content giving users an early look at the upcoming movie.

The VR headsets are quite similar to that of the traditional Google Cardboard. They work the same way and are made of the same materials. Users can download the Star Wats app from the Google Play Store and/or Apple App Store and use either an Android or iOS device for the experience. To find a location that has available stock, click the source link down below and then hit “find a store.”

Word is that Verizon only has 200,000 of them, so get one while supplies lasts!

Source: Verizon