Samsung announces a web browser for virtual reality, complete with voice recognition and video support

samsung gear VR browser

Samsung has announced a brand new way for you to browse the internet, and it involves a virtual reality headset. Yep, the company has developed a VR web browser that allows you to completely immerse yourself in whatever it is you’re looking at, complete with intuitive ways to navigate the web and support for 360-degree and 3D video, plus the standard HTML5 content that’s all over the web.

The internet application lets users glance at menus to open them, and there’s a full on-screen keyboard and voice navigation option. Samsung really didn’t pull out any stops in making this the best available virtual reality browser, but it’s hard to say if this will actually translate well into day-to-day usage.

The app is available on the Gear VR if you own any of Samsung’s Gear VR-compatible smartphones.

source: Samsung