In-house chips may be on the way to LG, Sony devices


LG has been steadily improving its position in the mobile device market thanks to a string of successful smartphone launches over the past couple years. Meanwhile, Sony, while producing devices that tend to be well received, struggles to translate that into sales success. Although they seem to be on divergent paths, the two companies have something in common – they are both mentioned in rumors of a move by smartphone manufacturers to transition to in-house production of processors used in their devices.

The latest rumor swirling around the subject was triggered after Global Unichip, a Taiwan-based chip designer, reportedly received orders for development from “Asia-based handset vendors.” This has prompted some sources to consider the possibility that both LG and Sony may be following a strategy implemented by Apple, Samsung and Huawei, all of whom manufacture chips for their own devices.

Currently LG and Sony depend on “off-the-shelf” processors from Mediatek and Qualcomm for their devices.

Do you think this is a smart move for either company? Does the use of an in-house chip versus a generally available chip sway your purchase decisions any?

source: DigiTimes
via: XperiaBlog