Google+ getting a revamped interface on desktop, mobile overhaul coming soon


Google has announced a new interface for its social networking site, marking one of the biggest changes Google+ has gone through since spinning off features like Hangouts and Photos into their own respective services. The new interface prioritizes the Communities and Collections aspect of Google+ which have apparently been the most popular sections of the site.

This interface puts your interests at the focus of the site and makes it easier to keep up with things you’re passionate about. Things are a bit more colorful, too, picking up cues from Android’s Material Design.

The new design is opt-in at the moment, so you won’t be forced into the change just yet. There are some features that are still missing, so if you use everything Google+ has to offer you’ll have to switch back and forth between the two modes until everything gets ported over, which should happen sooner rather than later. The new interface will hit Android devices soon, too.

Anybody happy or unhappy with the changes?

source: Google

About the Author: Jared Peters

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  • Robert Alexander

    How do you opt in?

  • primalxconvoy

    The day that Google Minus dies, is the day I will dance with glee. I hated its forced integration into Google accounts, and hatred the clunky UI and lack of relevance or use to me as a social network. Even Facebook, which I despise, was/is better than Google-

  • Ryan Cannon

    Did they ditch the circles? I used different cicles as a kind of news feed