Amid royalty dispute with Qualcomm, Xiaomi Mi5 may pack MediaTek SoC


A new leak has claimed that Xiaomi’s new flagship phone – the Mi5 – will feature a MediaTek processor instead of the Snapdragon one, which was earlier rumored to power the device. A few weeks ago, we even saw the Mi5 benchmarked on the GeekBench database with the Snapdragon 820 SoC onboard.

But a new report has claimed that Xiaomi may have changed its mind about using Qualcomm’s latest chipset over royalty dispute with the company. Apparently, Qualcomm is not too happy with the royalty fees that Xiaomi is offering. And Xiaomi is known to keep the production costs to the minimum in order to keep the final price of the device as low as possible.

Rumors suggest that the royalty dispute with Qualcomm has forced Xiaomi to bring MediaTek on board. So far, we have only come across Mi5 prototypes featuring Snapdragon 820 but that may change soon if the budget mobile manufacturer fails to reach a truce with Qualcomm.

If that doesn’t materializes, Xiaomi may still sell some devices featuring Qualcomm’s chipset (because it won’t be feasible to scrap a whole new batch) and pack new handsets with MediaTek processors.

The report further states that Xiaomi may not be the only company to find itself on a collision coarse with Qualcomm. Lenovo could find itself in a similar situation soon.

Source: My Drivers
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