Mozilla’s Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview app is now available to test on your smartphone

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One of the great things about Android is the ability to customize it to your heart’s content with third-party icon packs and launchers. You can even test out other mobile operating systems, such as Mozilla’s Firefox OS version 2.5 Developer Preview, which is now available to download as an app and will work similarly to other third-party launchers.

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The Developer Preview includes replacement apps for phone calls, messages, browser, gallery, emails and the app store among other functions. Once installed, all you have to do is tap Home on your device to be presented with a choice of launchers.

One thing you will immediately notice when the Developer Preview is running on your device is that the icons are big, real big. Another thing you will notice almost as quickly is that there is no back function, to exit an app you have to press the Home button. Hmm.

The Developer Preview includes the following features:

  • Apps and add-ons from the FireFox Marketplace
  • Do Not Track, Private Browsing with Tracking Protection
  • Pin the Web which allows you to pin(save) websites or pages to your home screen to browse at a later time

The Firefox OS 2.5 Developer Preview app can be downloaded directly from Mozilla and comes in at 88.3MB. Just bear in mind it isn’t the finished article by any means, there is some notable lag and crashes, hence the Developer Preview moniker.


Source: Mozilla

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  • komrath

    It’s pretty laggy and weird to use to be honest — there’s basically no usability there.

    • Peter Holden

      Agreed, still, it was interesting to check out, even with those massive icons.