Facebook releases updates to Live broadcasts


Facebook added a super hot feature a few months back called Live that allows celebrities and other public personalities to broadcast live to their followers everywhere. So far the feature has been a huge success, with politicians and celebrities giving live broadcasts to hundreds of thousands of their fans. Vin Diesel recently did a broadcast of a couple potential scripts to over one million people!

One extra feature that many users wanted, however, is the ability to subscribe to a certain person in order to receive notifications for when he or she goes Live. Facebook heard your cries and delivered, allowing you to now subscribe to any athlete, musician, actor, politician or comedian so you can know any time a live broadcast is about to start, so you don’t feel left out of the intimate experience. If you’re a public figure, this means that all of your true, loyal followers will now be able to always tune in just in time to hear what you have to say.

Source: Facebook Media