Apple COO Tim Cook mentions new Android tablets are ‘vapor’

Tim Cook

During a telephone interview, Apple COO Tim Cook had a few things to say about the iPad’s competition with Windows and Android. He stated that he thinks “there’s not much” competition in the tablet world when put up against the iPad due mainly to Apple’s approach to integrated development for the iPad (and other apple products) as well as Apple’s App Stores being more abundant.

To keep the hits coming, he mentions that Android tablets are nothing more than “scaled-up smartphones”, continue to have fragmentation issues, and are ‘vapor’ in many minds due to the lack of pricing and launch dates from the onslaught of Android tablets announced at CES 2011.

He has a couple of points, because we’ve heard many issues and different sides of the story when it comes to fragmentation and development within Android. Also, we have heard from many that tablets with Android 2.2 or 2.3 are just big smartphones. One thing he’s neglecting to mention is what happens when all these tablets do launch, with Android 3.0, which has been tailored for tablet use. It may be the same story as how Android took over smartphone market share in activated phones. There’s going to be a lot of new Android tablets out this year, and maybe 1 new iPad.

When that happens, we’ll see flooding market penetration as we did with Android smartphones, the more being released is another option for users to switch over from the iPad. It may take a while mind you, but it really comes down to numbers in the end.

If you’d like to hear the actual interview with Tim Cook, click the source link below.

[via Engadget]

About the Author: Jesse Bauer

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  • michael

    what about palm hp, play rim, and android 3.0 ? This guy look like a vapor also ! come back SJ.

  • “Me thinks (he) doth protest too much.” Shakespeare

    Apple’s phenomenal sales success with the iPad is testament to the demand in the market for this type of device, not an Apple-specific solution. Tim Cook knows this.

    Mr. Cook knows, although he would never admit, that once Apple taps all their “faithful” for iPads the game changes. Once the rest (majority) of the potential market has dozens of choices, many of which offering features and value the current or future models of the iPad can’t match, it’s going to get much more difficult for Apple.

  • Me

    ….and isnt the iPad just a big iPhone?

  • David

    SERIUSLY????!!! just a big smartphone??? :))) this is funny .. and iPad it’s just a streched iPhone ;) everyone knows it …

  • A.J.

    Everyone who is calling the iPad a big iPhone is giving it too much credit, it is more like a giant iPod touch, and not even one of the new ones. And please, you can put a 3g receiver in a shoe if you wanted to.

  • He knows as we all do, once 3.0 comes out, there is no comparison any more. As in, Apple has always been one way and that is their way or the highway. PC’s, Android, all of them, have always been User Preference as to what they want ON it as well what they can DO with it. Apple has been very fortunate with their i-Line of products, but they keep having to reinvent themselves every year to even stay in the business.

    If it weren’t for the first iMac being super successful, I doubt Apple would still have been around even now. One day they will learn to open up and be more for everyone than just themselves.

  • Cedric

    Yeah that’s why they released a big iPhone some time ago, called.. the iPad! Ignorant f**ks, give it some more time and Android will pown their *sses big time.

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