You can now buy and download classic TV shows from the BBC’s new digital store


Fans of classic British TV shows will be happy to hear that the BBC has decided to make its archive of content available to purchase and download via its newly opened BBC Store. Programs such as Doctor Who, Top Gear and Only Fools and Horses, wildlife documentaries from Sir David Attenborough, and reality programs such as The Great British Bake Off are only a few examples of the array of content available.

All told, there’s around 7,000 hours worth of content available via the BBC Store, with prices ranging from £1.89 for a single episode, £7.99 for a season, while 3 seasons of Orphan Black will cost £34.99.

For the moment, BBC Store content can only be viewed via offline apps on PC’s and Mac’s, although the BBC is apparently working on standalone BBC Store apps for Android and iOS. And while purchased content will show up under ‘My Programmes’ on the iPlayer website, said content is unable to be streamed via the official iPlayer apps.

While the BBC Store would appear to have been launched somewhat prematurely, thanks to its content currently only being able to be viewed on PC’s and Macs, the British Broadcasting Corporation is working on the issue. With tons of classic British TV shows to choose from, the BBC Store would appear to be a winning move from the BBC once it’s possible to view the content on more devices. Sadly, for readers outside of the UK, content is currently only able to be purchased from the BBC Store with a UK debit or credit card.

You can get 25% discount off your first purchase by entering the code WELCOME25 at checkout.


Source: BBC

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