New reports say Samsung shutting down digital camera business


New reports coming out of South Korea indicate Samsung is in the process of shutting down their digital camera line of business. The move appears to include both the portions of the business unit that produce products like the Samsung NX1 smart camera as well as the parts that produce sensors like the APS-C hybrid sensor used in the Samsung NX500. Sources indicate the personnel are being moved to other divisions like medical devices or the smartphone division.

Some have noted that Samsung’s sensors, like the one used in the NX500, are considered some of the better image quality sensors on the market, so the loss is not good news for photographers. However, with some of the personnel moving over to the smartphone division, that business unit may benefit from their expertise with cameras, which seem to be one of the big selling points for smartphone manufacturers in mature markets.

Do you see this as a good strategic move for Samsung?

source: Asia Economic
via: SamMobile