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I am positive everyone reading this has a messy, or at least somewhat messy contact list. Contacts from Facebook, Twitter, or multiple phone numbers scattered all over, but no way of combining them. With FullContact that problem is no more.


* Import and sync contact information with up to 5 Gmail and iCloud accounts so you can stay focused on relationships from anywhere.
* Add social profiles to your contacts to get the complete picture on everyone you know.
* Swipe or tap a contact to initiate a text, call, or email, and enter notes, tags, and updates anywhere you go to make a connection.
* Make a change on your device, and see it reflected on all your other address books. Your connections are always in sync.

Combining Google contacts, phone contacts, and all social media contacts into one makes your life a lot easier when searching for someone. Now you only have to search for one name and get a complete overview of literally all their contact information. Another great feature is you can automatically add profile pictures and see recent tweets. You will always know exactly who you are talking to.

One simple feature that will make your life even easier is tags. Although you may have all of “Jim’s” contact info in one place, you still might be confused if there are multiple Jims. Just add tags like “work” or “friend” to always stay on top of who is who.

Other features are the ability to merge duplicate contacts, call, email, or view social profiles with just a tap, and ability to sync across multiple devices.

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About the Author: Brent D'Alessandro

Brent is a graphic designer based in Toronto. Recently, he moved into designing more with Android. You may have seen some of Brent's themes in the popular Android launcher, "Themer." He has also made themes for Samsung's theme store. Aside from using Android devices all day, Brent spends a lot of his free time talking about Android on various forums. Brent was already writing about Android on the internet and figured it was finally time to make the move to a professional writer. When not writing with Talk Android, you can find him on

  • John Lorang

    FC requires you change Android address book. I’d like more GlipMe that provides cloud contact management but feeds native Android address book….