BlackBerry Priv edges will be more productive than the edges on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

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If you love the looks of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, but hated how little function they gave, the Blackberry Priv has a surprise for you. It also features dual curved edges, but new reports are showing that they will be much more functional.

Canadian carrier Telus has leaked some documents showing a feature called Productivity Edge. It has been taken down now, but we still obtained some pictures from it showing features of what the edges can do.

The edge features seem to be somewhat similar to the S6 Edge, but expand upon it. One neat feature is the edge turns into a battery bar when charging.


Other features are swiping from the edge and getting a notes app to quickly write something down. The edges, to me, seem almost like a Note 5 and S6 Edge combined. Instead of taking out the S pen and getting a new app menu, that app menu is now built into the edges through swipe gestures.

Another cool thing we learned from the leak is if you swipe up on an app it will launch the widget if it has one. Similar to Action Launcher’s Shutters feature.

The more leaks that we see about the Priv the more interested I am in it. Wether you like it or not, BlackBerry is at least trying new things that many other Android manufactures have not.

Source: Crackberry forum
Via: Slashgear

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