Samsung’s Project Valley is a folding smartphone, set to see a limited January release


Samsung is working on a new experimental device that’s currently dubbed Project Valley. The device will supposedly sport a foldable design, which is something we’ve seen Samsung patent and toy with previously, and it’s expected to launch next January. That might crowd Samsung’s Q1 with reports of an accelerated Galaxy S7 release.

The device has a model number of SM-G929F, which is strikingly similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge+. That might mean that we’ll see a folding version of a Galaxy device with very similar hardware, which may or may not also have that curved screen. Tough to tell at this point.

The kicker for Project Valley is that we won’t see it launch globally, at least not at first. Samsung’s home country, South Korea, is slated to see a launch, as well as some other big markets (UK, Italy, Poland, Germany, and some other European countries) but there’s nothing regarding a US launch. With the US being one of the biggest smartphone markets in the world, that’s an interesting omission. We might see the device make its way to other countries later after a test run, or it might just be something experimental that Samsung doesn’t think will sell well in the US.

Either way, expect a busy first quarter from Samsung in 2016.

source: SamMobile

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