Nexus S scores high on Quadrant benchmarks running CyanogenMod 7

The “S” in Nexus S just might stand for Speed after all, as the boys over at Android Community put the latest Dev phone through the benchmark test with Quadrant.  We already knew the phone was fast, packing the latest Hummingbird processor, but it’s nice to see just how it stands up against its peers.  The Nexus S in this test was running one of the recent nightly builds of CyanogenMod 7 and didn’t have ext4 implemented, nor was it overclocked.  As you can see in the graph, it blows past its predecessor, the Nexus One, by quite a fair margin.

It would be interesting to see the difference in performance from the software side alone.  Froyo brought a nice speed bump to Android, and Gingerbread was said to bring even more.  Add in the fact that dual core processors will soon hit smartphones left and right, and it will be benchmarks like these, along with tweaked after market ROMs like Cyanogen, that fight for the crown of being the fastest and most powerful smartphone.

[via Android Community]

  • Same thing of stock rom. I have the double 3500 with custom rom on nexus s.

  • nicky

    How do you get quadrant running on a gingerbread ROM?

  • Draken

    1717? That’s it? My G2 clocked in at over 3000.

  • m

    Draken please don’t try and big up your G2 against a Samsung Phone with Hummingbird inside it would wrecked your G2 plus quadrant is a lame excuse for a benchmark k?

  • Harou

    my htc desire hd stock clocks a 1900 mark.

  • Harou

    so we can conclude that the screen taken above is highly inaccurate?

  • mister man

    HTC Desire HD has ext file system?

    If yes then that would explain why.

    Samsung Galaxy S on ext filesystem with everything else stock hits 2000+ easy.

  • nexusdude

    Dude look at your desire on there… its weak against the N1 there’s no way you’re piece is faster than the NS.

  • Luke

    Desire HD has more ram than Nexus S. I have both phones running CM7 and Desire HD is noticeably quicker.