Improved Voice Control For Your Android

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Remember Jarvis from the Iron Man movies? He was Tony Stark’s uber-powerful computer that Tony could talk to like just another person and the computer would follow his every command. That’s aaaaaaalmost what Vlingo will do to your Android phone.

Yes, most Android devices come with voice recognition built it, but they don’t function as well as this:

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I know I’m impressed. The app will set you back $10, but if you’ve got fat fingers or if you want to impress your friends… Then this just may be the app for you.

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  • bstringy

    hoping they implement reading back Google voice text messages and Google talk messages. Who uses sms anymore ($$)?

  • Warren

    Work like crap on my Droid Eris with 2.1

  • Roobarb

    Terrible program, a bug-fest of FCs and server errors, and highly inaccurate to boot. Nowhere near as good as the built-in voice search.

  • mitcha

    working like a charm on my Milestone 2.1!!!!!!!!!!

  • George Anderson

    how does it work on the evo 4G

  • Joe Stevens

    I downloaded it and they charged my credit card ninty nine dollars instead of nine. What kind of a deal is that.

  • Joe Stevens

    My mistake. I apoligize. I was looking at the wrong bill on my bank account. They only charged what they were supposed to. This thing works fantastic by the way. I’m an old guy and typeing in Emails is hard for me to do. Just dictating is a truly good thing for me.

  • ICE1q2w

    Joe. Turn your hearing aid up. I just text you and said, DUMB@55!!!

  • Elwon20

    Awesome app, and now free! Much more accurate than google actions (which I have still yet to get to do anything at all besides search google, inaccurately at that). My only request would be that they make it so that you can use the in car “hey vlingo” command whilst away from the vlingo in car screen. It eats battery in this mode. But it kicks ass to hear my emails and text messages whilst driving (or just watching tv) and be able to reply to them without having to lift a single finger. I have tried “Hey vlingo, make me a cup of tea” but unfortunately it hasn’t quite gotten that far yet.