Samsung’s 18.5-inch Galaxy View shows up in newly leaked images


Samsung has some exciting products in the works, but one in particular that has our eye is the Galaxy View. It’s said to have massive 18.4-inch display with mid-range specifications, according to a recent GFXBench leak. And now, SamMobile was able to get their hands on a bundle of promotional images for the device.

Interestingly, Samsung seems to have ditched the home hardware button on this tablet, which makes a lot of sense considering its size. From the pictures below, the device also seems to have some sort of dock that doubles as a carrying bag. In the images we can also see that there’s an auxiliary port, microUSB port (presumably for charging), and another port, though I can’t quite make out what that is exactly.



There’s also a front-facing camera on this monster. It’s obviously not meant for taking stills, but most likely for video calls via Skype, Hangouts, and so on. At this point, the Galaxy View seems very much aimed at Enterprise users, as it really doesn’t make sense otherwise. However, the decidedly low specifications was an interesting choice if it were to be marketed towards that crowd.

Either way, we still haven’t head anything official from Samsung yet. Considering this behemoth has already hit the FCC with AT&T branding, hopefully it won’t be long before we get some more solid details.

For the rest of the leaked images, be sure to hit the source link below.

source: SamMobile

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