HTC One A9 to get impeccably fast Android updates


HTC today revealed its next flagship device, the One A9. There’re some mixed feelings around the device so far, but one thing HTC isn’t skimping on is high promises. If you buy an unlocked HTC One A9, the Taiwanese-based company claims that you’ll have future Android versions just 15 days after they hit Nexus devices.

That’s some very good news, for sure. Motorola in the past has promised fast updates to the latest version of Android, but has failed to deliver the “fast” part of that promise. They’ve already outlined their Android 6.0 rollout, but it’s still nowhere near as fast as HTC’s 15 day claim.

One thing’s for sure, promising all of the latest updates in a timely manner is an attractive selling point. But is it enough to break HTC out of its bleak future?

source: HTC (Twitter)

  • apgrovas

    HTC ha ha ha One ha ha ha A9 to hahahahaha get impeccably hahahahahahahahahahahahah fast hahahahahahahahahahaha Android updates???

    HTC, you made my day! HTC and fast updates is the best comedy I have heard this week (Said holding an HTC One M7 that is never ever going to see any more updates and never, ever saw any updates anywhere near on time :-)

  • serpa4

    Nothing has been defined. Software update… Is that to the os or security? If android ia still 6.0 but 3 security updates come out, is that software updates? What if software update means security updates but not Android versions? Fast updatea doeant mean continuous updates either. What if they push 6 fast monthly security updates? Then they stop. They did deliver 6 fasr updates. The statement leaves a lot of room for interpretation.