Will Samsung unveil the Galaxy S7 this January?


We have been hearing some rumours here and there about the new Galaxy S7. Now, there are some new ones saying Samsung might speed up the launch of the S7 to this January.

We already know that Samsung will for sure release a flat screen phone and a dual curved edge phone just like they did this year. It’s hard to say exactly when Samsung will show off these new devices to the world, but the rumours are pointing to January 19th. That would be two weeks before MWC starts, Samsung usually unveils new devices there. It’s not too far fetched to believe this date since it’s only two weeks before the normal unveil time and because the Note 5 was also pushed up two weeks compared to it’s normal release date.

The report is also saying the S7 may feature a new ePoP chip which combines all the main sensors on a single die. The first phones to use this before were the S6 and S6 Edge last year.

Source: Etnews
Via: Sammobile

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  • primalxconvoy

    Perhaps the S7 (and by relation, the Note 6) will be released sooner, due to the poor sales of their predecessors, the S6/Note 5? I suspect that this time, they will include IR blasters, ExSD card and removable battery support, and cease the use of silly “gorilla glass” cases.

    • Brent

      I don’t think it’s poor sales. The S6 Edge was sold out all over the world and both phones have sold many millions. It’s probably just to get a jump on the competition. The Note 5 was moved up to compete close to Apple’s iPhone launch for example. These new phones would come out before everyone else unveils their devices at MWC. Also, the S6 had a IR blaster just the Note 5 and S6 Edge+ didn’t for unknown reasons. I would think they would take it away for the S7 as well. People must not be using it that much.

      Personally, I think removable batteries are dead. The iPhone has done fine without one and S6 sales haven’t been hurt at all either. Barely anyone actually carries multiple batteries with them. SD cards I hope they bring back. I heard they had to exclude them on the S6 because they couldn’t get them to work correctly with their new processors, but have been having a lot of success currently. However, not sure how many people actually use it either.

      • Tim Galvin

        Just do it

        • Tim Galvin


  • FritzPinguin

    As long as it is a progress, I might have a look at it. But I seriously doubt that I will change from my S5. I just like the features like water-/dustprotection, easy change of battery, uSD. Still on KitKat and happy with it.