Shove is a hilarious Chrome extension that lets you take over a friend’s browser


I am not 100% sure on exactly why you would want to do this, but a new Chrome extension called Shove will let you basically take over a friend’s browser. Not only that, but your friend can do the same to you.

The way it works is you go to whatever website you want and “shove” it to a friend’s computer. Your friends can do the same thing to you too and neither of you can stop it from happening.

To me, this seems super dangerous since your friends could send potentially harmful webpages over to you and there is nothing you can do. The only way to stop bad things from happening is Chrome’s built in security. Although, the friends you add have to accept your friend request. So, if someone adds you, or the other way around, you would have to know the person and accept their request before anything can be shoved. Excellent feature as you would not want just anybody sending you webpages.

However, it could also be pretty hilarious to add some friends and all pray the other doesn’t send them something unwanted. Kind of like a modern Russian roulette, you have no idea if something bad will happen, but you know that next website could be a huge problem.

I guess it could be useful as well. For example, if you and your team are working on a project and you want to send them a website, rather than email them the link, wait for them to open it, and then have to wait for them to click the link. With Shove, you can just send it directly to them whether they like it or not. This way it guarantees they get the exact webpage you want them to see right away.

Mike Lacher, who wrote most of the back-end code for the project said:

“At first we wanted to limit it to something where you could only send other people things a couple of times a day,” and “But then, as we started using it, the fun thing isn’t finding the most shocking thing or whatever and sending it to a friend. It was creative conversation… We don’t inspect the URLs going back and forth at all. And we don’t want to be watching what people are doing with it. So there’s no real controls on that level.”

Source: Shove
Via: Wired

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