GranitePhone is new secure phone option from SIKUR and Archos


Archos, in partnership with SIKUR (think “secure”), has announced the availability of the GranitePhone by SIKUR, a new entry for people who are looking for an ultra-secure smartphone. The GranitePhone joins devices like the Blackphone and the Turing Phone as an option for users who need something more secure than your typical smartphone.

SIKUR provides encrypted communications apps and it appears they brought that expertise to the drawing board for the GranitePhone by helping to encrypt the device via the Granite OS the companies developed for the smartphone. Granite OS is based on Android, although they do not specify which version. The web site appears to show the device has abandoned the typical icon-filled homescreen with something that resembles an inbox or agenda view.

The hardware itself is mid-level grade with a Snapdragon 615 processor, 2GB of RAM, a 5-inch full HD display, 16GB of internal storage, a 16MP rear facing camera and 8MP front-facing camera and a 2700mAh battery.

The GranitePhone is currently available for order on the SIKUR GranitePhone web site for $850. You can read the full press release below.

ARCHOS with Sikur delivering the GranitePhone

”Your Privacy is back”

London, 9th October, 2015 ARCHOS today announces the forthcoming availability of thousands of the GranitePhone by SIKUR, allowing both companies to enter the global market of private communications smartphones, where the need for voice and data protection is a growing concern.

The GranitePhone, unveiled at MWC, has immediately attracted the attention of government, defense agencies as well as private companies and individual users concerned by their privacy, generating huge quantities of presales on the Granitephone website.

With a 5inch screen Full HD, Granite OS, 4G and a 16MP camera the phone has all the latest hardware specs along with an unrivalled focus on security, eliminating loopholes which could allow data theft and spying.

The security architecture has been carefully designed with multiple layers of protection to mitigate security issues whilst still delivering the best in mobile technology today.

For additional flexibility, the device’s data storage is also kept in an encrypted form in the cloud so that GranitePhone’s users can access safely to their data from anywhere, using SIKUR applications.

They can do so from a computer and from other mobile devices, either Android and even iOS, which ensures great flexibility without compromising privacy.

“ARCHOS, through its subsidiary Logic Instrument is pleased to have been selected as industrial and development partner for this project as the demand for secured mobile solutions is increasing” says Loïc POIRIER CEO of ARCHOS.

“With GranitePhone, you can create a corporate digital environment, secure for the exchange of strategic information, without compromising productivity and speed offered by mobile devices,” says Frederico D’Avila, CEO of Sikur.

The GranitePhone, the first smartphone entirely focused on user privacy can be ordered through the website

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Sikur is a company that operates in the information technology and security market. With a highly specialszed team and through the use of cutting-edge technology we have developed a Communication Platform at the highest levels of privacy and security. Our entire teams strive to maintain your communications intact in a digital world, using devices and media that are constantly evolving and changing. We have developed complex projects for governments and corporate customers that wish to preserve their greatest asset – their information. Sikur has offices in the USA, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Dubai and Mexico, in addition to three development centers around the world. Website::

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