Samsung Pay is the most accepted contact-less payment service in the United States


Just this week, Samsung put out a TV advertisement stating its new Samsung Pay service is the most widely available contact-less payment service in existence. As it turns out, the company wasn’t lying.

Samsung Pay went live in the United States this past week and has generated a lot of publicity over recent months. Unlike many existing contact-less payment services such as Android Pay and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay does something different. With the ability to support magnetic strip payments in addition to those through NFC, Samsung Pay is acceptable at any retail store that supports MasterCard. Making it by far the most widely available contact-less payment service one could use. But unlike Android Pay, it only works on select Samsung flagships. These include the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+. Those willing to try out Samsung Pay will even receive a free wireless charging pad or wallet case of users preference directly from Samsung, brand new for your recently purchased Samsung Galaxy handset.

To use Samsung Pay, all one has to do is run through a few on-screen prompts initially when setting up and you’re good to go. Once at a cashier, all one has to do is unlock their phone, hold it up to the card reader, swipe their finger for verification and you’re done. The payment will seamlessly go through and you’ll receive a notification of your purchase details soon-after. More on Samsung Pay can be seen here.

Source: Venture Beat

About the Author: Doug Demagistris

Doug was raised in New York and currently attends Muhlenberg College where he is majoring in Accounting. He has been a die-hard Google and Android enthusiast ever since he purchased the Samsung Galaxy Vibrant. Doug strongly prefers Android over competitors for its customization, flat Material Design and exceptional integration with Google Services. Currently, Doug switches between the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Nexus 5X, and travels with a Nexus 9. In addition, Doug wears an Android Wear smartwatch and has other gadgets such as a Nexus Player and Cardboard viewer. Aside from writing with Talk Android, Doug enjoys testing new applications, designing concepts and studying Android application development all while attempting to keep up with the rapid world of technology. He’s hopeful that his high productivity will make lives easier and more meaningful. Doug’s dream is to attend Google I/O.

  • ChuckN007

    That didn’t take long to surpass Apple Pay.

  • joshua rodriguez

    It really is awesome, been using it for over a month on the beta and the only place it hasn’t worked was at the pump with those credit card machines that are buried inside the pump. Otherwise it’s worked EVERYWHERE. It’s awesome when people see it for the first time and say, no that wont work here, we dont support apple pay. Yea ok, watch this…

    • LeeJS


  • Samsung pay does not work with EMV Chip card which is 40% of the cards is US. If you have a EMV chip card & you try to use Samsung Pay the payment terminal will give an error & ask you to insert the card instead. All the retailers are supposed to move to EMV chip card acceptable terminals by October 1, 2015.

    • “you guessing”

      • No I am not. I have used it first hand myself so no doubts.

        • Okay…because your comments sounded like you were guessing…you didn’t say originally you were speaking from personal experience…in fact you never once indicated a “first person account” of Samsung pay failing with EMV chip type cards.

          Also you said All retailers are supposed to move to EMV chip card acceptance by Oct 1st, 2015,…but we know this hasn’t happened…so…again it seems to me you were guessing

          • If I was guessing then I would have mentioned that.
            But this is my personal experience so no confusion in that.

            N regarding retailers moving to EMV terminals, it’s also a fact and not a guess because it’s by force, kind of. If the retailers don’t update their hardware by October 1 then the CC companies will not be responsible for any sort of fraud if it happens.

            Almost all retailers I have visited have the updated hardware.i am talking about Best Buy, Walmart, target, Macy’s, cvs etc.

            But something weird is happening, my boa cc with a chip works via Samsung pay in Walmart but Amex does not. So i am confused as to why only Amex is failing.

            • My Galaxy Prime

              Which bank do you use?

            • Bank of America CC with EMV chip – works fine.
              Amex with EMV chip – samsung pay & the usual swipe do not work, i have to insert the card.

              I don’t use BoFA, Amex does not work & Barclay is not supported. Even if barclay is supported, it will be same as Amex.
              So for me samsung pay is a no show.phew…

            • My Galaxy Prime

              I have Verizon and a Chase debit card with an EMV chip so I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to use Samsung Pay

            • Yes first issue is Verizon and then EMV chip card. So you can feel for it with your debit card if you so desire…