Google receives patent for hologram technology through wearables


Google is looking to take its Google Glass creation to the next level with its recently attained patent of holograms for Glass.

The new patent will allow Google to enable people to see holograms through wearables. This new technology could allow Google to take Glass to a whole new stage and it give it the improvements many want to see. According to TechCrunch, Google strongly believes the new wearable technology holds lots of promise. However, we may not see the technology appear in an iteration of Google Glass for some time but it’s good to know that Google is aware of the slump and is constantly trying to improve its creations.

As of now, we’re not exactly sure as to how Google will integrate this technology upcoming creations, but one can expect big things. Just the fact that having a hologram projected through a device that goes on your head is possible, is unbelievable. Could this be Google’s next big thing? Here is a look at the patent:


Via: TechCrunch