Sony Xperia Z5 has the best mobile camera ever

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DxOMark has reviewed all the latest smartphones out today and has said the Sony Xperia Z5 has the greatest camera of them all. This bumps the previous best smartphone camera ever, the Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, down to the second spot.

The Xperia Z5 scored an 87 while the S6 Edge scored an 86. These results are extremely close and quite amazing. I own the S6 Edge and the camera blows me away every time I use it, so to hear the Z5 camera is just as good is very impressive.



DxOMark gave the Z5 camera such high scores because of it’s fast autofocus, good exposure, accurate white balance and more. It actually tied the S6 Edge in ability to take great photos, but just pulled ahead when it came to videos. Sony’s impressive SteadyShot technology with Intelligent Active mode really helped the Z5 beat the S6 Edge when it came to videos and let it walk away with the title of best mobile camera ever.



Congratulations to Sony and their Z5, but at the end of the day, we are all winners. Just look at the graph picture to see all the amazing Android cameras that beat out Apple’s iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Source: DxOMark
Via: Xperia Blog


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  • Noah Wolff

    They’re not testing the 6s, the test is just the 6

    • Brent

      Very true, I’ll edit that. From the sample pictures I have seen from the 6S it looks exactly the same as the 6. I highly doubt it will beat the top Android cameras anyway.

  • R.I.H SWINESUNG Sony is way better than the TRASH you make.

  • devesh

    Strange but my iPhone 6 still manages better focussed images than s6 most of the time. No doubts s6 is way sharper and landscapes are breathtaking but nothing freezes a moment as accurately as an iphone. Lets see how z5 handles that in real life. DXO or any other reviewers never compare real life scenarios when one has to shoot kids playing or friends NOT READY TO POSE for camera. In this simple scenario I have always been let down by every android phone.

    • Brent

      My S6 never has problems with the camera and focusing. Even if you do have a problem just switch to pro mode for the exact focus you want. I also drove by a huge house once going 80 and snapped some pics of it with my S6 and they came out perfectly still and sharp. I always get blurry pics when anything is moving even a little with the iPhone.

    • Noah Wolff

      That’s fundamentally impossible of a claim unless you’ve had every single device with you and you used every single device in such scenario with you. This entire comment of yours just screams you have obvious bias and ignore the proof that’s been put out to disprove your biased opinion.

      Btw, the word you were looking for is “focused”.

      • devesh

        Agreed I haven’t used all of them. But I thought I had the two best so I commented. I’m using iPhone 6 plus and Galaxy s6 edge. Over time s6 has replaced my 6 plus for almost all photographs be it scenery or low light and especially selfies. But whenever I tried capturing my dog s6 blurred a little more than 6plus. So I compared simultaneously. In every photo I compared at same ISO iPhone managed to capture atleast 1/25th of a second faster compared to s6, that explained the occasional blurrs s6 had compared to 6 plus. U can compare that yourself. Regarding my comment about having being disappointed by every android, I agree to it being fundamentally wrong cos I can’t own all phones. I presumed that owning s6 edge and iPhone 6 plus. But on a technical point you must put devices to test in these scenarios. Try capturing kids and pets. They never stay static and you’ll be amazed to see how iphone manages faster shutter at same ISO and exposure despite a smaller aperture. Send me your email ID.. I’ll send you samples from all s6 edge and iphone6 and hopefully 6s by 16th if I get my prebooked one that day.
        I never like to troll or FANBOY around. I just appreciate good tec.

  • HanumanBob

    They all have a long long way to go without real depth of field.