XDA Member files class action suit against T-Mobile and Samsung


XDA Member MicBeast has filed a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile and Samsung regarding the lack of update support going out to the Samsung Vibrant, in that they have kept promising updates to Android 2.2, but still have not delivered. Other carriers however have started to deliver Froyo updates to their Vibrant and Fascinate models.

MicBeast is being told by his lawyer(s) that this is a strong case which violates the Deceptive Trade Practices, code of business ethics essentially, in the US. If you are a T-Mobile user and would like to see some action as well, you should head over to this thread and make your opinion known.

I honestly don’t know how far this will go before the “victim” runs out of cash to support this kind of lawsuit. I mean, I’m sure T-Mobile and Samsung have entire floors of lawyers to battle this type of stuff. But, hey, we hear ya it’s not right regardless.

[via XDA-Developers]

  • Aros

    They should be held accountable for the bullshit they’re feeding us :/ but it’s all about who has the most money, not who’s right. The court system isn’t about who’s right, it’s about who can win between the two lawyers. It’s like a board game lol and that’s just messed up

  • Michael

    How sad. So much promise, Android. But at this rate, corporate greed will ruin it. Soulless bastards.

  • Alex

    It’s odd you guys aren’t aware of this.
    You don’t need cash to support a law suit like that, or any lawsuit that promises to pay out large sums. Lawyers will take it for free in exchange for perhaps 30% of what gets awarded in case of win.

  • curse

    Unfortunately, the legal system in the US(and in other countries) is all about who got the money, not who’s right.
    Good luck MicBeast!
    This will send a signal to the other manufacturers and carriers as well, that we got enough of promises but no delivery.

  • TGA_Gunnman

    This is my last Samsung phone. The non-standard way they implemented the OS is annoying. The lack of functional updates and the constant push-backs are frustrating. Then having a Vibrant Plus with all the features I wish the Vibrant had to begin with makes me feel ripped off.

    Complaining aside I do love the S-AMOLED Screen and it is the main reason I purchased the phone, but had no Idea that the compass, GPS, phone having a bad lag issue and lack of a standard OS implementation would have plagued me.

    Thanks to devs and the ROM community I have gotten past all that, but from the manufacturer this phone is a lemon.

    P.S. Who still uses RFS (Riser File Systems) in the UNIX/Linux world anymore?!?! Samsung that’s who. Why would anyone want to use slow SD memory for their phones application storage instead of NAND?!?! Samsung that’s who.

    Go Figure!!!

  • MrJazze

    I too wanted to chime in on this case. I have read many comments posted here and on XDA forums regarding the disappointment of hundreds of consumers about Samsung and their carriers. I obtained my Galaxy S (Captivate) phone during the Xmas season and admit it is a nice phone, but there are problems that they (Samsung/Carriers) should address to stand behind their products and brand names.

    Now, I truly believe every consumer should stand behind this case. Why? The cell phone market has always used deceptive practices to get our money for a phone or service which didn’t stand-up to the hype, but yet lock us into a two year contract.

    And to the lawyers of this case, just look at some of the recent deceptions used in other cases over the past few years that have crushed our economy. (Build the dependency ::: Control the addiction)