An unfazed lizard, JJ Watt, and a French scuba diver show what a better network means for Verizon


In many parts of the United States, Verizon is the best network. The carrier’s network is large and fast, two qualities that are the most important in the wireless industry. But it seems that people are unaware of what a better network means. So Big Red put together a ton of ads, all of which are currently airing on television (with great frequency during NFL games), to show that being better matters.

Verizon called upon an unfazed lizard, JJ Watt, a French Scuba diver, and many other people and things to prove its point.

First, Verizon wants you to know what “better” actually means.

Now Verizon feels you are ready to be told what a better network means….

Backup quarterback Luke McCown explains a better network.

Defensive end JJ Watt explains a better network (while chopping wood).

An unfazed lizard explains a better network.

A fancy egg explains a better network.

A straw explains a better network.

An hourglass explains a better network.

A French scuba diver explains a better network.

This passionate woman who is very passionate about juice explains a better network.

An oddly large basketball hoop explains a better network.

A door explains a better network.

A popular high school couple explains a better network.


About the Author: Justin Herrick

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