‘Chariot’ rides into your living room via NVIDIA’s Shield TV


With Android spreading to a wide variety of devices and form factors, one of the challenges for developers is figuring out how to take advantage of new platforms. Developer Frima Studio is bringing their Chariot game for consoles like the Xbox to the NVIDIA Shield TV. This means players will be able to engage in “couch co-op” play on the big screen with friends and family.

Chariot is a side-scrolling platform that combines with some physics-based mechanics as players guide the Princess and the Fiancé through caves and past looters in an effort to properly bury the King. Along the way players try to extract loot from cave walls and fend off the attackers while completing stunts and coordination tests.

In addition to taking advantage of a large screen connected to a Shield TV device, Chariot also supports Philips Hue Lights to adjust lighting to match the game action.

Chariot is available in the Google Play Store for $14.99. You can use the link below if interested in checking it out.

Play Store Download Link