Amazon might be bringing the Alexa voice assistant to Fire TV

amazon fire tv alexa

Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa, is currently only available on the Amazon Echo. It looks like the company might be bringing her over to the Fire TV line in the near future, however.

Some code in Amazon’s Fire OS 5 developer preview points towards Alexa getting functionality in the Fire TV, but it’s not completely clear if that’ll be back ported to the original line of devices or if it will only be available in the newer line, whenever those are announced.

Some features just wouldn’t be possible, like having always-on listening on a Fire TV Stick, but being able to dictate what you want to a voice assistant should be possible on just about everything Amazon offers, since it supposedly will work with any voice-enabled remote. That should theoretically include the Fire TV Remote application.

Alexa also likely won’t be replacing the native voice search in the Fire TV, since that handles all of the TV and movie searching that isn’t possible with Alexa. The voice assistant does make it easier to order things from Amazon or find Pandora stations, though, which is cool on its own. We’ll find out more whenever Amazon makes Fire OS 5 official or a new line of Fire TV devices is made official.

source: AFTVnews

via: Android Police

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