Cricket Wireless CDMA to shutdown on September 15th


Although the company reports having a “few” customers who have not made the transition, Cricket Wireless will be shutting down the last remaining bits of the CDMA network it had been operating on. Cricket is transitioning all customers to AT&T’s GSM-based network.

A Cricket spokesperson said, “”The transition from CDMA to 4G LTE has gone extremely well. We’ve exceeded our goals and come in ahead of schedule, all while creating a superior experience for our customers.”

Cricket says customers have been extremely pleased with the changeover to the AT&T GSM network. The carrier, including parent AT&T, has been pleased as well as the transition is bringing in some new, different customers who are “premium” minded consumers often choosing smartphones. Cricket and AT&T also said about two-thirds of new Cricket customers opt for their highest value plans.

Cricket first started notifying customers of the end-of-life for the CDMA network in March 2014. They have been offering special deals and device trade-in credits to help retain customers being forced to transition to GSM-capable devices.

source: Fierce Wireless