Microsoft secretly purchased a popular Android lockscreen app

Echo Lockscreen

Microsoft have purchased Double Labs, the makers of Echo Notification Lockscreen for Android. The lockscreen app lets you customize your lockscreen to show you custom notifications so you don’t have to unlock your phone as much.

Microsoft have already made their own Android lockscreen app last year called Next Lock Screen. It does basically the same thing as Echo Lockscreen. Why do they need two nearly identical lockscreen apps you might be asking? Well, Microsoft Chief Experience Officer Julie Larson-Green says it’s about “taking productivity to the next level.” She also says the current problem with Apple, Android, or even Windows Phone is that they are just alerts of random apps, and not actually personalized to the user.

“It’s a list of what apps want you to know, not necessarily what’s important to you,”

Larson-Green’s main job is to think of new ways for users to receive their information, contextual and personal. Android is a perfect testing ground as it has many users for experimentation. Basically, Microsoft are creating Android apps for testing purposes only and will use the data to make better Windows Phone, Windows 10, Office, and other Microsoft products that send notifications in the future.

Newly purchased Echo Lockscreen has over 50,000 reviews in the Play Store currently, which gives Microsoft a ton of new data to work with.

Larson-Green says that by having standalone apps they can edit and refine them before making them a permeant part of their own operating systems.

“You buy Microsoft for your business, you want to feel good about the products we’ve been building,”

Source: Business Insider

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