Google Translate’s Conversation Mode Officially In Experimental Public Testing, ¿Qué dijo?

Google has finally made their Conversation Mode for Translate official and available for public testing.  The functionality will listen in on a conversation of two and in addition to translating it, it will also transcribe it utilizing speech to text in the correct language for you.  As of now, the app only supports English and Spanish, obviously with more to follow.  And as far as we know, no one is attempting to create this kind of functionality.  So, it’s safe to say Google isn’t in a race with anyone.  As warned back in IFA, the app is not functioning at 100% just yet.  But we trust that Google is on it.  So, head on over to our apps database for more info via the source link or check it out on the market.  And don’t forget to let us know what you think of the app in the comments below and whether or not you’ll find its functionality useful.

Google Translate beginning @ 26:29

[via talkandroidapps]

  • jlrivers

    I’ve been tying it all day with mixed results. For conversations on the short side, the accuracy is about seventy five percent. For anything over ten words, it does much worse.
    I also got prompted to install asecond pack if I wanted to install support for more languages.