Samsung Galaxy S7 internally codenamed “Project Lucky”, could have microSD support and a 20MP camera


The Samsung Galaxy S7 has been internally codenamed “Project Lucky,” according to the Geekbench benchmarking database. And the device could be sporting a serious upgrade in hardware from the last year’s model.

Samsung’s upcoming flagship is being tested with the new Exynos 8890 chipset, which could be the Mongoose SoC seen on Geekbench. However, it didn’t fair well in previous tests due to benchmarking with lower frequencies, but Samsung is reportedly targeting 2.3GHz for this processor. Some Galaxy S7’s could also be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor where CDMA networks are still in play, such as the United States.

The Galaxy S7 also is employing UFS 2.0 storage, which generally isn’t compatible with microSD cards. But SamMobile says their sources are indicating that the Korean tech giant may have found a way around that through interfacing techniques. Considering the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ don’t have microSD support, I wouldn’t get my hopes up, though.

Lastly, the Galaxy S7 could come with a 20-megapixel ISOCELL rear camera. Samsung is allegedly working on a “all lens cover” project for the device as well, which could indicate that additional lenses are in the works over just the stock rear camera.

Keep in mind that these are just rumors, so it’d be wise to take this all in with a grain of salt. However, SamMobile has been right about a lot in the past, and if any of this is remotely true, we’re sure fans would be ecstatic to have microSD support in the Galaxy S7.

What we do know is that Samsung’s sales and profits have been dropping since 2013, and there are rumors about a salary freeze happening at some point due to these losses. That said, Samsung needs to put out something truly extraordinary to begin recouping its losses, and hopefully the Galaxy S7 is that answer.

What would you like to see in the Galaxy S7?

source: SamMobile

About the Author: Brad Ward

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  • Mawhayden

    Would be nice If Samsung focus on polishing the features that they have and not running to the next big thing…..innovation is great, please follow through and the tech that they innovate, focus on what’s good for the user experience rather than the ” speeds and feeds” , this is getting a bit old. Humans will remember o good user experience rather than if a CPU is 0.250 GigHz faster.

    • Cole C

      Are you an alien? Because you referred to the rest of us as humans lol.

      • Mawhayden

        Lol, just call me T3

  • Cole C

    I will never buy a Samsung device again unless it’s a Nexus or they drop touch wiz

  • Draken Blackknight

    SD slot, replaceable battery, waterproof.

    In short, a souped-up Galaxy S5.