More details on the NEC dual-screen Android Cloud Communicator

One device that was certainly buzzed about at this year’s CES was the NEC Android Cloud Communicator LT-W, a dual screen slate running Android 2.1.

This device is not being classified as a tablet or an e-reader, as it’s a bit in between. It does feature two 7-inch resistive displays with 800 x 600 resolution, but NEC assures us that it will be responsive to the touch.

Because it’s Android 2.1, the LT-W will sport a Webkit browser with capabilities on both screens.

Inside the LT-W, you can find a TI OMAP 1 GHz processor. It also supports Wi-Fi and 3G connectivites.. The NEC Cloud Communicator is supposed to launch with the standard Android Market. The company may also have an app source of its own, as it actively seeks out developers.

The Android Cloud Communicator is set for release in Japan fairly soon, although a stateside release has not been confirmed as of yet.

[via intomobile]