OtterBox reveals its range of cases for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+

So, you watched Samsung’s Unpacked event yesterday and decided to pre-order a Galaxy Note 5 (not in Europe of course) or the Galaxy S6 Edge+. What about when you get your hands on it, how will you protect the metal and glass constructed smartphones from life’s everyday knocks and scratches? Luckily, OtterBox has some options for you to choose from.



Dealing with the Galaxy S6 Edge+ first, you can choose from OtterBox’s slim and sleek Symmetry Series that has a raised beveled edge that helps keep the display safe from drops and scratches without interfering with the functionality of the dual-edge display. The Symmetry Series comes in a variety of color options and a price tag of $49.95. It is also available for the Note 5.

If you would like a case that is more rugged for the Note 5, You can choose OtterBox’s heavy duty Defender Series. As you can see from the image above, it’s quite a bit more substantial than the Symmetry Series. The Defender case offers three layers of protection for the Note 5, consisting of a polycarbonate shell to guard against drops and knocks, an outer cover that helps disperse the shock from being dropped or knocked, and finally a built-in screen protector to prevent scratches. The Defender Series case is available in a variety of color schemes and will set you back $69.90.


Finally, if you want something that offers a level of protection in-between the Symmetry and Defender Series of cases, OtterBox have the Commuter Series, a slim-ish case with two layers of protection. Much like the Defender case, it has an inner layer that absorbs shock with an outer shell that absorbs the impact from falling. It costs $49.90 and is also available in a bunch of color options. You can get a better look at OtterBox’s offerings right here.

Source: PRNewsWire

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