SmartPrompt Pan is a digital frying pan with a screen in the handle, now up for pre-order

smartprompt frying pan

Someone somewhere is trying to turn the next mundane device or appliance into some kind of smart, connected home gadget, and that includes the SmartPrompt Pan. The SmartPrompt by Key Ingredient is a frying pan with a screen built right into the handle, and a ton of sensors baked in (no pun intended) to help you be a more effective cook.

The screen on the 12-inch skillet tells you the current temperature you’re cooking at, plus it gives you step by step instructions if you’re following one of the 2 million available recipes on the service. It wouldn’t be complete without being able to connect to your smartphone, of course, as the frying pan will give you alerts if your food is simmering, boiling, or burning, so you won’t have to constantly keep an eye on what you’re cooking.

But really, if you’re cooking something, you should probably pay attention to it anyway, because your smartphone isn’t good at putting out fires.

The SmartPrompt pan is up for pre-order on IndieGogo for $99, which is 50% off the price it will actually launch at. In addition to the pan, you can also order a smart frying pan sans the screen and just use your smartphone for monitoring, and the company is also offering a smart probe for measuring temperatures of things like meat while cooking, which will also send the info directly to your smartphone to check on.

To me, this seems like a solution to a problem we didn’t really have, but if cooking is your passion and you don’t mind having another device laying around the kitchen to potentially keep charged, this might be a good addition for you.

source: Key Ingredient

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  • j00py

    If I can’t put it in the dishwasher, then it’s not really saving me time, or worth a damn. Frankly I feel like this is about as useful as integrating a smart display into a trash can, so it can tell you it’s full.

    • geegirl09

      You can pull the handle out and put the pan into the dishwasher.