YouTube defaulting to ‘301+’ views is no more


When a video quickly earns hundreds or thousands of views on YouTube, the view count defaults to displaying ‘301+’ views. There are, of course, many more views than that. Thankfully, YouTube has finally decided to put an end to the ambiguity of ‘301+’ while getting rid of it entirely.

YouTube explained that the view count would automatically stop when surpassing 300 views to check for spam. A few hours later, when all views became validated, the view count would update to reflect how many people (and not robots) watched a video.

Views will now be counted from “real people as they’re recorded” to keep things moving along. Basically, YouTube is implementing a filter that makes decisions quicker than before. The diagram above, which YouTube created to show how the processor has changed, compares storing views in a basket to redirecting them in a pipe.

And we salute you too, YouTube.

Source: YouTube Creators (Twitter)

About the Author: Justin Herrick

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