Google shows off Android M’s Auto Backup for Apps function in video


One of the great things about flashing a custom Rom on your Android device is being able to backup and restore your apps via the custom recovery or by using an app such as Titanium Backup, it’s especially helpful if you’ve had to factory reset your device or if you’ve swapped over to a new device. Now it seems like un-rooted users will also be able to automatically backup and restore their apps thanks to a feature called ‘Auto Backup for Apps’ that is present in the latest Android M Preview.

Google’s Matthew Jav Williams takes us on a video run through of the Auto Backup for Apps feature, telling us that the apps user data will be automatically backed up and stored in Google Drive with a 25mb limit. The app backups will not count as part of your Google Drive quota. If you’ve installed apps on your device either from a third-party app store or by side-loading, don’t worry, they will also be backed up because the Auto Backup for Apps function isn’t directly tied to the Google Play Store.

Backups will occur when:

  • It is night-time
  • The device is charging
  • The device is connected to WiFi

Developers can include this feature into their apps by re-building their apps with version 23 of the SDK, they can also choose to opt out of including the auto backup function as well as choosing not to back up sensitive data or device specific tokens. Matthew gives some coding examples in the video below which show how easy it is for developers to include the Auto Backup for Apps function.


Source: Google Developers Blog
Via: Phandroid

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